part·ner·ship (pärtnr-shp) n. 1. A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.

Empowering Our Partners and Their Customers

Next View is an innovative leader in the Supply Chain software market. We are actively seeking innovative and entrepreneurial partners who design, implement, sell, and support Supply Chain solutions for their clients. Next View’s software solutions are technologically advanced
(.NET, SOA, Workflow), extremely scalable and extensible; thereby providing a powerful platform for our partners to build their businesses upon as well as to meet the most demanding requirements of virtually any customer.

The Next View Partner Program provides software, training, support, lead-sharing, and other resources to make it easy and seamless for our partners to not only implement and integrate Next View solutions into their products or services, but also to build and sustain a profitable business.

Whether you integrate our solutions into your own, or resell Next View’s solutions on a stand alone basis, Next View’s experience and technology provides the leading edge advantage you need to win against your competition and satisfy your customer’s needs.

We invite you to learn more about our Partner Program and how you can benefit from becoming a member. Next View’s Partner Program is tailored to meet the specific requirements of various types of partners,

Implementation Partners

Next View Software works closely
with proven consulting partners. These partners have been selected because of the depth and breadth of their experience. Next View and its consulting partners provide a wide range of services

  • Project Management
  • System Integration
  • Support & Training
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Operational Reviews
  • Material Handling System Design & Integration
  • Facility Design

With years of proven experience Next View and its consulting partners deliver high quality projects on time, on budget and highly focused on your business objectives. This combined experience covers virtually every major vertical market including consumer products, food & beverage, 3PL, retail, apparel, grocery and more. Whether you operate in a pure distribution environment, manufacturing or both – Next View Software and its partners can deliver. We are pleased to work
with these leading consulting providers and encourage you to click on the links on the right to learn more about them.

Next View Focus is a cloud based LMS suitable for any kind of business